Sachtler Tripod CF 100 M

Sachtler 1-stage, 100 mm bowl, carbon fibre
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The CF 100 M one stage tripod, provides maximum stability and carrying capacity. Constructed and drawn out of one-piece carbon fiber material, makes it twist resistant and lighter than dural aluminum. It features a 100mm / 4" bowl, tube diameter of 16mm (0.63") and is fitted with the Sachtler rotary clamping system, which delivers the speed and mobility that news professionals and other users need.

With a weight of only 4 lb and has a maximum load of 99 lb! The CF 100 M is both extremely lightweight and highly stable.


Carbon Fiber construction with 16mm (0.63") tube diameter
100mm / 4" bowl base
Single extension design
Maximum height of 28.3-inch
Rotary clamping system
Supports up to 99 lb.
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