Anton Bauer

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Anton Bauer CINE VCLX Battery

R65 348,41 Incl. Vat
Anton Bauer 560 Wh NiMH simultaneous output 14.4V/28V

Anton Bauer NM 38

R44 179,87 Incl. Vat
Anton Bauer 560 Wh Battery Replacement Module for CINE VCLX and CINE VCLX-CA

Anton Bauer Hotswap and 24V Up-Convertor for Dionic XT Batteries

R37 848,21 Incl. Vat
Hotswap and 24v up-convertor allowing the Alexa LF to run from standard Gold Mount Batteries. Recommended for Dionic XT batteries only

Anton Bauer Dionic 26V Gold Mount Plus Shark Fin Plate

R35 320,27 Incl. Vat
New Item! Coming Soon Key Features: Hot Swap Shark Fin Battery Plate Gold Mount Plus / Gold Mount Plate For ARRI ALEXA LF/65/SXT Cameras For 2 x Anton Bauer Dionic 26V Batteries

Anton Bauer Dionic 26V LP4 Quad Gold Mount Plus Charger

R30 713,28 Incl. Vat
New Item Coming Soon! Key Features: Charges up to 4 Anton Bauer Batteries Compatible with 26V and/or 14V Batteries 4 x Gold Mount/Gold Mount Plus Bays Supports Multiple Battery Chemistries

Anton Bauer SO-14/28R

R30 028,13 Incl. Vat
Anton Bauer Dual voltage snap-on battery belt with 4-pin & 3-pin XLR outputs. Simultaneous 14V/28V outputs. Holds two Gold Mount batteries