Spreaders & Feet

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Sachtler Ground spreader Cine

R11 709,32
Sachtler heavy duty ground spreader with eccentric locking for tripods Cine 150 long/medium

Sachtler Mid-level spreader Cine

R11 599,49
Sachtler for tripods Cine 150 long

Sachtler Mid-level spreader OB 2000

R11 331,34
Product Highlights Telescopic Mid-Level Spreader Set Tripod Leg Angle / Footprint For OB 2000 Tripod Legs Replaces Original Spreader

Sachtler Mini ground spreader EX

R11 152,57
Sachtler for tripod Cine 2000 short

Sachtler Ground spreaderSP 150 EX

R11 152,57
Sachtler with eccentric locking for tripod OB 2000

Sachtler Mid-level spreader 100/150

R10 636,71
Sachtler for all 100/150 mm tripods (except DA 100 K, DA 150 K and Cine tripods)

Sachtler Ground spreader SP 100/150

R9 820,57
Sachtler heavy duty rubber spreader, for all tripods 100 and 150 mm bowl (except DA 100 K, DA 150 K and Cine tripod)

Sachtler Mini ground spreader 150

R9 647,64
Sachtler for tripod DA 150 K

Sachtler Mini ground spreader 100

R8 179,99
Sachtler for tripod DA 100 K

Sachtler Ground spreader SP 100

R7 773,50
Sachtler lightweight ground spreader, for all tripods with 100 mm bowl (except DA 100 K)

Sachtler Rubber Feet EX

R5 622,44
Sachtler set of 3, eccentric locking for tripods Cine long

Sachtler Set mid-level spreader FT 75

R5 566,16
Sachtler set of mid-level spreader FT plus 3 rubber feet FT for flowtech 75

Sachtler Mid-level spreader 75 HD

R5 535,97
Sachtler mid-level spreader for ENG 75/2 D HD, Ace 75/2, ENG 75/2 D and Speedlock 75 with mid-level spreader connection

Sachtler Rubber Feet 100/150

R4 737,36
Sachtler set of 3, rubber locking for 100/150 mm tripods (except Cine 150 tripods) and Soom tripod

Sachtler Set mid-level spreader 75

R4 198,13
Sachtler set of mid-level spreader 75 plus 3 rubber feet 75, for all 75 mm tripods except flowtech, SOOM, systems Ace M MS, Ace L TT 1013, Ace XL TT and tripod ENG 75/2 D HD)

Sachtler Mid-level spreader FT 75

R3 661,83
Product Highlights Easily Open FlowTech 75 Legs Allows for Higher Tripod Settings

Sachtler Mid-level spreader 75

R3 246,93
Sachtler mid-level spreader for tripods ENG 75/2 D, Speedlock 75 and Ace 75/2

Sachtler Rubber Feet FT

R2 504,77
Product Highlights Replacement Tripod Feet Rubber Constructed Feet Fits Sachtler Flowtech Tripod Stabilizes the Tripod Keeps Traction on Smooth Surfaces

Sachtler Ground spreader SP 75

R2 303,77
Sachtler for 75 mm tripods (except flowtech, SOOM, system Ace M MS, system Ace L TT 75/2 CF and system Ace XL TT 75/2 CF)

Sachtler Mid-level spreader 75

R2 226,45
Mid-level spreader for tripods 75/2 AL and Ace 75/2

Sachtler Rubber Feet 75

R1 577,08
Sachtler set of 3, for all 75 mm tripods except flowtech, SOOM, system Ace M MS 1001, Ace L TT 1013, Ace XL TT 1013XL