Sachtler Cine 30 HD Fluid Head

Sachtler 150 mm, 7+7 drag, sideload plate 30 HD, 1 telescopic pan bar
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The Sachtler 3006 Cine 30 HD Fluid Head is a fluid head with a 150mm half ball with integrated flat base that allows you to use this head with a tripod with either a 150mm bowl base or flat base. It features a side-load sliding camera plate mechanism. Unlike traditional sliding baseplates that require you to slide the camerqa plate into the head, the side load mechanism allows you to snap the camera into the head, and still slide the plate foward and back to adjust the balance of the camera on the head. This is especially useful when the camera is weighed down with accessories. It is compatible with Arri and OConnor camera plates, and features a fine adjustment for a tight, secure fit.

The head features two payload ranges, from 6.6 to 66, and 17.6 to 77 pounds selectable. The head features 18 steps of counterbalance, these are selectable via the 9-step setting dial, with the half step lever providing 9 additional steps of counterbalance. Pan and Tilt drag is governed by a similar 7-step (plus zero) indexed selector system in conjunction with Sachtler's patented leak-proof frictionless cartridges. A tilt safety lock guarantees the integrity of the payload until it is secured, and disk brakes ensure reliable pan and tilt fixing during operation with a quick flip of a short-throw lever.


Side-Loading Rapid Camera Mount

The Snap&Go side-loading mechanism gets heavy camera packages mounted quickly without compromising safety or sliding range, and is also compatible with Arri and OConnor camera plates

18-Step Counterbalance and 7-Step Drag

for rapid setup and repeatable results

Payload Range Selector

Switch between the High and Low ranges with a flip of the front-mounted Payload Range Selector lever

Illuminated Bubble Level

The Touch Bubble is a self-illuminated spirit level activated through contact, and is powered by three PX625A batteries

Assistant's Box Mount (<i>optional</i>)

Using the optional Front Box Adapter, an assistant's box may attached to the front of the head without impairing the tilt range

Eyepiece Extension Support Adapter (<i>optional</i>)

Provides an anchorage point for eyepiece extension rods on the left side of the head
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